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최신자료 IMF, OECD 등 주요 국제기구와 세계 유수의 경제연구소가 생산하는 연구자료입니다.

Assessing Public Debt Sustainability in EU Member States: A Guide
EUROPA | 2014/09/02

Aim of this paper is indeed to illustrate the methodological approach used by the Commission to carry out, in a systematic and harmonised way, debt sustainability analysis for EU countries. The toolkit used encompasses traditional (deterministic) public debt projections, accompanied by sensitivity ...

Developing Countries Exports Survival in the OECD: Does Experience Matter?(DP 10059)
CEPR | 2014/09/02

This paper focuses on developing countries that export for the first time to the OECD and obtains several important results on export dynamic, linking exports experience and exports survival. Using product level data at the SITC 5 digit level for 114 developing countries on the 1962-2009 period, we...

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