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KDI Management Goals

1. World Class Research Institute
  • Goal. 01 Globalized and advanced research by strengthening a global network with international organizations and research institutes Keeping up with the new area of globalization and knowledge economy, KDI will act to make substantial gains in the Joint Research and Cooperative Projects with International Organizationsin order to build its systematic and preceding capacity to deal with Korea’s critical policy issues.
  • Goal. 02 Building world-class research capacity by drawing excellent human resources, expanding recharge opportunities, and activating expert exchange programs. Excellent human resources: Skilled young experts with doctorate degrees from prestigious universities. Well qualified researchers with outstanding careers in world’s best institutions and academic communities.
2. Comprehensive Policy Research Institute Leading National Development
  • Goal. 03 Pivotal role as a comprehensive research institute that suggests comprehensive mid- and long-term strategy and policy measures on Korea’s pending challenges and issues. Execution of embracing analysis on diverse fields as a comprehensive research institute that studies overall economic and social phenomena.
  • Goal. 04 Provision of a long-term blue print for national development KDI research focus on enhancing the productivity of the government, corporations, and private sectors as a way to reinforce the national capacity.
  • Goal. 05 Improved practicality of research results by building and operating an all-embracing policy research network of the ministries, academics, industry, and research institutes. Guaranteed practicality of researches based on mutual cooperation with experts from the ministries, academics, industry, and research institutes.
3. Korea’s Most Reliable Research Institute
  • Goal. 06 Role as an active advisory to the ministries, committees, and other organizations in matters related to the establishment of the nation’s economic policy Developing practical research topics and also reflecting produced results and lessons into real policies
  • Goal. 07 Buildup and execution of project plans which satisfy customers’ opinions KDI will seriously consider results of external opinion surveys on the research topic selection and will also actively reflect review opinions from outside experts in the process for opinion adjustment, which aims to enhance the adequacy of the researches. It will also try to improve the quality of researches by reviewing various opinions from internal and external experts.
  • Goal. 08 Development and execution of various measures that could enhance the release of and access to the extensive and various research resources and information Enhancing public access and user conveniences by releasing all research reports and information produced since KDI establishment and updating its homepage regularly.
  • Goal. 09 Reinforcement of public service based on KDI digital environment Improvement of user convenience and access by updating information, such as research papers and economic policy information database, via its own website and other major portal sites (Empass, Naver, and Nate).
  • Goal. 10 Development of various measures for awareness enhancement of the leading group and the public regarding the economy Development and execution of several measures for economic education and system improvement for awareness enhancement of the leading group and the public
4. Prestigious Institute with Optimized Research Environment
  • Goal. 11 Development and operation of various training systems in order to enhance researchers’ capacity for study and work performances Systematic implementation of independent study of senior researchers in order to enhance their study capacity and provision of same opportunity for researchers
  • Goal. 12 Guaranteed return for those with highest work performance record the best treatment Efficient evaluation system that accurately perform an objective and fair judgment on the staff’s works and their contribution to KDI. In this way, the system guarantees those with highest work performance record the best treatment
  • Goal. 13 Improved efficiency of the KDI operation by performing innovative and democratic management Clear division of works between the research department and the secretariat in order to improve the operating efficiency.
  • Goal. 14 Knowledge management system based on improved integrated information system of KDI Consistent update of KDI portal system in order to improve working performance and to maximize its productivity
  • Goal. 15 Facility renovation and welfare system improvement for employees in order to create more research-friendly environment Repair on the old safety facilities on a regular and constant basis
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