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KDI Management Goals

1. Innovating research environment
  • Strategy. 1-1 Attracting excellent researchers and upgrading professional personnel management - Consistent effort to attract and retain excellent human resources through active exchanges
    with international organizations.
    - Professional personnel management system for more efficient function of KDI.
    - More job training programs designed to enhance research capacity.
  • Strategy. 1-2 Establishing organizational structure to maximize research results - Organizational structure performing efficiently in response to new policy demand.
    - Heightening transparency and fairness of the performance evaluation system and
    reforming the reward system to be based on reasonable medium- and long-term results.
2. Leading Up-to-Date Researches on Inclusive Innovation Growth
  • Strategy. 2-1 Exploring forward-looking policy agendas and alternative to drive future changes and reform - Broader researches on future innovation strategy to stimulate economic paradigm shift and to secure new growth engines.
    - Multi-faceted, comprehensive researches based on convergence studies conducted inside and outside the institute.
  • Strategy. 2-2 Improving the user-centered policy agenda development system - Forward-looking researches taking into account diverse demands including general public.
    - Balanced research implementation through stronger, closer collaboration with policy consumers.
3. World Class Institute Producing Great Research/Outcomes
  • Strategy. 3-1 Research innovation to strengthen KDI’s competitiveness as a global think tank - More joint researches and exchanges with leading research institutes around the world to upgrade KDI’s global competitiveness.
    - Creating a knowledge exchange hub by stretching the global collaboration network with international institutes like OECD, IMF and World Bank.
  • Strategy. 3-2 Leading more policy researches on development cooperation - More policy researches to formulate innovative development cooperation strategy.
    - Comprehensive multidisciplinary researches and global partnerships to disseminate Korea’s policy experience.
4. Quality Upgrade of Research Result Dissemination
  • Strategy. 4-1 Establishing strategic public relations system - Integrated management of public relations (PR) strategies for research results and implementation of topic-customized strategy.
    - Systemic dissemination system operating in sync with users’ information consumption pattern.
  • Strategy. 4-2 Diversifying communication channels to build consensus on policy study - Interactive communication channels between research providers and consumers to build public consensus.
    - Close communication with the government and the National Assembly to enhance the usability of research outcomes in actual policies.
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