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Within KDI Website, you can Find Quickly and easily what you want through advanced search function. For example, you can search again within Database and Library by narrowed search function. Of course, there be some search results in Korean.

How to Purchase KDI Publication

You can purchase ‘priced’ publications directly at KDI. It is recommended to check the stock in advance There is a way to purchase KDI Publications as follows:
You can purchase KDI publications at KDI website. If you have a question, please send a e-mail to We will reply to you as soon as possible. Most KDI publications are available both in paper and electronic format, and can be accessed at KDI homepage.

KDI Book Club Membership

There are two types of KDI Book Club Membership Membership will be valid for 1 year. You should renew your membership each year. Recent publications, except confidential and internal-use materials, are delivered. Annual fee is 100,000 Korean Won for individual member, and 300,000 Korean Won for institutional member.

E-mail Service

E-mail Service is a kind of newsletter about KDI’s something new.


The purpose of KDI Library has been to support research fellows, concurrently with the opening of KDI in 1971. Since then, as a domestically specialized in economy & social science field, it has been charge of giving hands KDI researchers by searching and collecting various information.

Korean & English Pages

We are very sorry that we could not serve you as in Korean main website. As you know, KDI’s main website is made in Korean, its native language. Due to time and personnel constraints, not all material in the korean page is accessible in the English page. Those who can read Korean language ard strongly suggested to visit the Korean page.

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