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2006 KDI-KAEA CONFERENCE: Enhancing Productivity and Sustaining Growth

  • Date 08 Aug 2006(Tue)
  • Hosts KDI

ㅁ Title   : 2006 KDI-KAEA CONFERENCE
       Enhancing Productivity and Sustaining Growth

ㅁ Date    : August 8, 2006
ㅁ Venue    : Main Conference Hall, KDI
ㅁ Organizer : KDI, KAEA

Word of Invitation

As part of our efforts to extend the research network around the world, the Korea Development Institute (KDI) organized a joint conference in close collaboration with the Korea-America Economic Association (KAEA) beginning in 2003. Since then, a number of economic scholars and professionals in the US and other countries participated in the conference. The collection of papers presented at the conference was reproduced as conference proceedings for domestic distribution each year and some selected papers were also published in the Korea Development Review, a biannual journal of KDI.

Marking the fourth annual conference, the 2006 KDI/KAEA Conference on “Enhancing Productivity and Sustaining Growth” will be held at KDI on August 8, 2006. Like the previous years, the papers written by the members of KAEA and KDI fellows have been invited as well as papers that are written by domestic researchers. In addition, domestic scholars from academia and professional circles are also participating as discussants and moderators.

This year’s conference will address a wide range of economic policy issues faced by Korea and thirteen papers will be presented under the categories of Trade and FDI Issues, R&D and Productivity Growth, Entrepreneurship and Business Practice Engineering, Bank Capital Regulation and Lending Practices, Stock Ownership Structure and Exchange Rate Policy, and Sectoral Shifts and Entry Regulation.

I hope that the conference will serve as a valuable venue among experts at home and abroad in discussing the current economic issues of Korea, and I look forward to your contribution of valuable comments and ideas. Thank you.

                                         August 8, 2006

                                          Jung Taik HYUN
                                    Korea Development Institute


09:00-09:30  Registration & Networking

Session I: Trade and FDI Issues

Chairman: Prof. Hak K. Pyo, Seoul National University

09:30-10:00  Presenter: Dr. Joon-Kyung KIM, KDI, “Trade, Investment and Economic Integration of
      South Korea and China”

      Discussant: Dr. Sanghoon Ahn, KDI

10:00-10:30  Presenter: Prof. Bang Nam Jeon, Drexel University, ”International R&D Spillovers:
      Trade, FDI, and Information Technology as Spillover Channels”

      Discussant: Dr. ByungWoo Kim, STEPI

10:30-11:00  Presenter: Prof. Chul Chung, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Preference for Cultural
      Goods: The Case of Korea Film Market”

      Discussant: Prof. Young Hoon Lee, Hansung University

11:00-11:10  Coffee Break

Session II: R&D and Productivity Growth

Chairman: Prof. Hae-shin Hwang, Texas A&M University

11:10-11:40  Presenter: Dr. ByungWoo Kim, STEPI, “R&D Activities, Imperfect Competition and
      Economic Growth”

      Discussant: Dr. Duol KIM, KDI

11:40-12:10  Presenter: Dr. Jinil Kim, Federal Reserve Board, ”Investment-specific Multifactor
      Productivity in Multi-sector Open Economies: Data and Analysis”

      Discussant: Dr. KeunHee Lee, Korea Productivity Center

12:10-13:30  Lunch

Session III: Entrepreneurship and Business Practice Engineering

Chairman: Prof. Kang H. Park, Southeast Missouri State University

13:30-14:00  Presenter: Prof. Hong Y. Park, Saginaw Valley State University, ”Corporate
      Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Business Practices”

      Discussant: Dr. Sam-Ho Lee, KDI

14:00-14:30  Presenter: Prof. Young Back Choi, St.John’s University, ”Entrepreneurship and

      Discussant: Dr. Duol KIM, KDI

14:30-14:40  Coffee Break

SessionⅣ: Bank Capital Regulation and Lending Practices

Chairman: Dr. Sang-Moon Hahm, KDI School of Public Policy & Management

14:40-15:10  Presenter: Dr.Youngjae Lim, KDI, ”Structure of Corporate Borrowing and Economic
      Crisis in Korea: A Micro-evidence”

      Discussant: Dr. Woojin Kim, KDI School

15:10-15:40  Presenters: Dr. Hyeon-Wook KIM, KDI/Dr. Hangyong Lee, KDI, ”Procyclicality of Buffer
      Capital and its Implications for Basel II: A Cross-country Analysis”

      Discussant: Dr. Kun-Ho Lee, KDI School

15:40-15:50  Coffee Break

SessionⅤ: Stock Ownership Structure and Exchange Rate Policy

Chairman: Dr. Young-Ki Lee, KDI School of Public Policy & management

15:50-16:20  Presenter: Prof. Yoon K. Choi, the University of Central Florida, ”Ownership Structure
      and the Roles of Institutional and Foreign Investors: The Korean Case”

      Discussant: Dr. Hangyong Lee, KDI

16:20-16:50  Presenter: Prof. Yoonbai Kim, University of Kentucky, “Characterizing Exchange Rate
      Policy in East Asia: A Reconsideration”

      Discussant: Dr. Doo Yong Yang, KIEP

16:50-17:00  Coffee Break

SessionⅥ: Sectoral Shifts and Entry Regulation

Chairman: Dr. Sang-Dal Shim, KDI

17:00-17:30  Presenter: Prof. Hae-shin Hwang, Texas A&M University, ”Measurements of Sectoral
      Shifts: Dispersion and Skewness”

      Discussant: Prof. Sang-Hyop Lee, University of Hawaii

17:30-18:00  Presenter: Dr. Sanghoon Ahn, KDI, ”Entry Regulation and Industries’ Performance in

      Discussant: Dr. Chinhee Hahn, KDI

18:00-18:10  Wrap-up

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