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2013 KDI Journal of Economic Policy Conference: Fiscal Sustainability and Innovative Welfare System

  • Date 05 Aug 2013(Mon)
  • Hosts KDI

ㅁ Title    : 2013 KDI Journal of Economic Policy Conference
       Fiscal Sustainability and Innovative Welfare System

ㅁ Date    : August 5 (Mon.) 2013
ㅁ Venue   : KDI Main Conference Hall & Conference Room in Annex
ㅁ Organizer : Korea Development Institute (KDI), Korea-America Economic Association (KAEA)

Word of Invitation

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the 2013 KDI Journal of Economic Policy (JEP) Conference. The KDI has been organizing a joint conference with the Korea-America Economic Association (KAEA) every summer since 2003, and this is the eleventh of the conference series. Each year, we have selected a theme, current or emerging, which we think is most important and relevant for Korea and for the global economy, and endeavored to invite distinguished scholars to share their insights and policy recommendation on the critical issue. Themes covered hitherto include aging society, corporate environment, productivity, sustainable growth, and global financial architecture for stability.

This year’s theme is "Fiscal Sustainability and Innovative Welfare System." With the world economy still lingering amidst a financial crisis, fiscal sustainability has become a task shared by all governments in the world. Welfare is a major factor for growing fiscal burden but governments are increasingly dependent upon fiscal measures in dealing with unemployment and poverty in the aftermath of a global crisis. To resolve this dilemma, we need to be innovative in designing the welfare system for the future.

The steering committee and the KAEA have searched for and invited best experts in the fields, this year's conference has a remarkable collection of papers and lectures. Thirteen papers on growth, fiscal policy, macro, inequality, and trades will be presented and discussed. The keynote speech this year will be given by Professor Eric M. Leeper at Indiana University.

I earnestly hope that you could join us in this conference and the conference becomes a venue for sharing our ideas and policy recommendation. Our collaborated efforts would contribute to solving problems faced by Korea and the international community.

Thank you very much.

July 2013
Joon-Kyung Kim
Korea Development Institute















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