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2015 KDI International Conference on Shifting the Paradigm for Sustainable Development: Eminent Domain and Property Rights

  • Date 04 Mar 2015(Wed)
  • Venue 2F, Orchid Room, Westin Chosun Hotel
  • Hosts KDI

ㅁ Date   : March 4 (Wed.) 2015
ㅁ Venue  : 2F, Orchid Room, Westin Chosun Hotel
ㅁ Co-Hosts : KDI

It is our great honor to invite you to attend the KDI International Conference on “Shifting the Paradigm for Sustainable Development: Eminent Domain and Property Rights”. The event is to be held at the Westin-Chosun Seoul Hotel on March 4th 2015.

Takings laws are increasingly casting severe burden on private properties in Korea. In recognition of this circumstance, the conference seeks to examine the core components of the legal system of takings laws in Korea and other countries. By reviewing the characteristics of eminent domain systems across developing and advanced countries, the conference will help you better understand the effect of economic development level and the consciousness of property rights on the characteristics of the eminent domain system.

The conference will be attended by a number of national and international experts and scholars from Europe, America and Asia. Each presenter will, for a particular country or countries, outline various aspects that are most critical components constituting the legal system of takings laws. In particular, discussions of all presenters will center particularly on the six most critical components constituting their legal system of takings laws.

Since most advanced countries would tend to share basic constitutional principles in their search for an ideal system, these discussions will surely offer a constructive platform in which not only Korea could, in fuller force, launch many critical reforms in eminent domain laws but also all participants from different countries exchange ideas and learn from each other. Also, the conference will give important implications on regulatory takings (non-physical indirect takings) and the regulatory reform that is becoming one of the most critical issues of the current government of Korea.

Your knowledge and experiences are invaluable resources which could be of mutual benefit in the future. I cordially invite you to this timely event and join us making this important event a great success.

February 2015
Joon-Kyung Kim
President of KDI

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