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2015 ADB-KDI International Conference on Regional Financial Cooperation to Enhance Financial Resilience and Stability

  • Date 26 May 2015(Tue)
  • Venue 4F, Maple Hall, Plaza Hotel, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Hosts KDI, ADB

ㅁ Date   : May 26 (Tue.) 2015
ㅁ Venue  : 4F, Maple Hall, Plaza Hotel, Seoul, Republic of Korea
ㅁ Hosted by : ADB,KDI

We are pleased to inform you that Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Korea Development Institute (KDI) will host a joint conference entitled “Regional Financial Cooperation to Enhance Financial Resilience and Stability,” at the Plaza Hotel, Seoul, on May 26th 2015.

The global financial crisis has highlighted the need for a systematic approach at the national, regional and global levels to contain the risk of cross-border contagion and spillovers. The financial safety net provided by regional financial arrangements will play an important role in this regard. However, with increasing financial openness, emerging Asian economies have been subject to high volatility and risks of sudden stops in international capital flows.

How helpful have regional financial arrangements such as the Asian Bond Market Initiative (ABMI), Credit Guarantee Investment Facility (CGIF), Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (CMIM), and the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO) been in safeguarding against short-term liquidity risks? Have they been effective in ensuring financial stability and complementing regional initiatives for economic and trade integration such as an ASEAN economic community and regional FTAs? With the US Federal Reserve signaling a tightening of monetary policy, are these regional mechanisms sufficient to ensure financial stability in emerging Asian economies? What other policy measures and strategies can we envision to cope with potential financial risks stemming from the imminent US tightening cycle? What would be the role of ADB as the region’s premier multilateral development institute in facilitating regional financial arrangements and strengthening financial resilience and stability?

The conference will present the ideal platform to discuss and share knowledge and ideas for these crucial questions. We thank you for your consideration and warmly invite you to make this timely event a great success.

May 2015

Takehiko Nakao                            Joon-Kyung Kim
President                               President
Asian Development Bank                        Korea Development Institute


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