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2015 Global Financial Stability Conference

  • Date 23 Jun 2015(Tue)
  • Venue The Westin Chosun Seoul, KOREA
  • Hosts KDI, MOSF, SSEM

ㅁ Date    : June 22(Mon.) ~ 23(Tue.) 2015
ㅁ Venue   : The Westin Chosun Seoul, KOREA
ㅁ Organizer : MOSF,KDI,SSEM


It is our great pleasure to invite you to the Global Financial Stability Conference, jointly organized by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Republic of Korea and Korea Development Institute, to be held on June 22-23 at the Westin Chosun in Seoul, Korea.

While the Fed is eyeing a first rise in interest rates in nearly 10 years, the ECB and BOJ, conversely, are in full loosening mode, having launched a quantitative easing program. Now is the appropriate time to discuss international policy coordination to ensure that the looming Fed’s rate rise does not trigger financial turmoil such as sudden reversal of capital movement and exchange rate fluctuation amid the growing divergence in monetary policies of advanced countries.

In particular, it is important to preemptively set up a multi-layered global financial safety net encompassing multinational institutions globally and regionally, and individual countries’ own defenses. There is an increasing need for an in-depth research and analysis on new emerging instruments such as Regional Financing Arrangements (RFAs) and Capital Flow Management Measures (CFMs) in addition to traditional safety nets such as FX reserves, currency-swap arrangement and IMF loans. In this context, the upcoming conference will be a meaningful occasion to share research findings and experiences of policy makers and experts from International organizations and academia on RFAs and CFMs.

We expect that this conference to help develop concrete, substantial and workable cooperation measures that strengthen the global financial safety net. We look forward to your interest and participation in the Global Financial Stability Conference.

June 2015

Heenam Choi                                  Joon-Kyung Kim
Deputy Minister for International Affairs                          President
Ministry of Strategy and Finance                     Korea Development Institute
of Republic of Korea



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