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[2015 International Forum on Service Sector Advancement] Dissemination of the Sharing Economy: Issues and Solutions

  • Date 19 Nov 2015(Thu) ~ 20 Nov 2015(Fri)
  • Venue 2F, Orchid Room, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas
  • Hosts KDI, MOSF

ㅁ Date     : 19-20 November 2015
ㅁ Venue    : 2F, Orchid Room, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas
ㅁ Jointly Hosted: MOSF,KDI

Letter of Invitation
The world today is witnessing a rapid and undeniable dissemination of the sharing economy; trading of idle assets through mobile platforms has attracted broad attention spanning across accommodation, vehicles, financing, space and talent acquisition, among others. For Korea, in particular, with its growing number of smartphone users and single-member households, this phenomenon will make signigicant headway. Accordingly, successful stabilization as a new business model within the existing system requires a customized regulation design and institutional footing that well reflect the unique characteristics of the sharing economy, together with concerted efforts to solve diverse trade-related issues such as conflicts involving incumbent operators, taxation and security.

In recognition, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and Korea Development Institute will host the 2015 International Forum on Service Sector Advancement entitled “Dissemination of the Sharing Economy: Issues and Solutions.” Among the attendees are officials from international organizations including the OECD and EC, and experts and specialists from ‘the hub of the sharing economy,’ the City and County of San Francisco and numerous global enterprises. Discussions will be held on key issues, general future policy agendas and the stable dissemination of the sharing economy in Korea as well as exchanges on the experiences of advanced economies with policy implications.

The forum will present the ideal platform to discuss and share knowledge and ideas. We thank you for your consideration and warmly invite you to make this timely event a great success.

November 2015
Joon-Kyung Kim
President, Korea Development Institute


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