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[2015 KSP Regional Workshop in Asia] Public Finance Management Reforms in Asian Countries

  • Date 16 Nov 2015(Mon) ~ 18 Nov 2015(Wed)
  • Venue Sheraton Hotel, Hanoi Vietnam
  • Hosts KDI, VIDS, OECD

ㅁ Date: 16(Mon)-18(Wed) November 2015
ㅁ Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Hanoi Vietnam
ㅁ Hosts: KDI, VIDS, OECD

The international society is facing everyday new and complicated challenges such as economic slowdown, financial instability, food and energy security, rapid population growth, and poverty. To overcome the threat of these multifaceted crises, knowledge has emerged as an essential component of development cooperation.

Korea has transformed itself from an aid-recipient country to a donor country by achieving unprecedented economic growth within the past half century. Moving from a war-torn country to the economic miracle of today, knowledge has played a key role in socio-economic development. Drawing from its own experience of learning from peers and of heavily investing in education and training for human capital, Korea recognizes knowledge as an effective and innovative tool for socio-economic development. Korea’s experience can be a good lesson for its peers, including countries in Asia

In an effort to share Korea's economic development experience with partner countries, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea (MOSF) launched the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) in 2004 with Korea Development Institute (KDI), a leading think tank of Korea significantly contributing to the economic and social development of Korea, as the implementing institution. The KSP provides policy consultation focusing on the needs of partner countries. KSP consultants, with years of experience and expertise, work closely with the policymakers and practitioners of partner countries. This is carried out through a series of collaborative research, training, consultation and technical assistances held alternately in Korea and in partner countries. From 2004 to 2014, KDI has conducted KSP with 52 countries on 710 research topics. As for the Asian region, KDI completed about 300 policy consultation with 11 countries including Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, since the launch of the program.

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