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2016 Knowledge Sharing Program Dissemination Seminar

It is an honor to invite you to the 2016 Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) Dissemination Seminar to be held at the Conrad Seoul, Korea on September 28, 2016.

The Knowledge Sharing Program is a knowledge-intensive development and economic cooperation program designed to share Korea’s development experience with partner countries. It offers comprehensive policy consultations tailored to the needs of partner countries encompassing in-depth analysis, policy consultation, and training opportunities. Since its launch in 2004, KSP has grown in size and complexity, and has become a main channel for Korea’s knowledge sharing activities.
The purpose of this seminar is to first, share and discuss the major outcomes and policy implications of the KSP in relations with SDG, a term that has been brought to the forefront in international development and second, to provide a forum for knowledge exchange in regards to international development, particularly, “KSP’s role in sustainable development.” High-level policy-makers and experts from both domestic and abroad have been invited, participate, considering its significance.
Moreover, this seminar aims to align KSP’s role to SDG targets by expanding the partnership base in regards to economic cooperation. It does so by inviting private sector partners that are looking for business opportunities abroad and senior officials from SDG-oriented international organizations. This in turn, will help re-establish Korea’s role in international development as well as come up with detailed strategy.
I earnestly hope that the Seminar will serve as a dynamic platform to present your experience, share lessons learned, hear about practical solutions, and develop useful knowledge partnerships with peers from around the world that face similar challenges. It will be a privilege to have you in this timely conference and we appreciate your invaluable experience.
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