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2016 International Forum on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Future of Industry

  • Date 01 Dec 2016(Thu) ~ 02 Dec 2016(Fri)
  • Venue 2F, Orchid Room, Westin Chosun Hotel
  • Hosts MOSF, KDI
The advent of a fourth industrial revolution is almost upon us. History reveals that the first arrived with steam engines and railways while the second replaced steam with electricity to enable mass production, and the third brought us into the Information Age. Now, the foundations of industry as we know it are once again being reshaped as the rapid emergence and dissemination of computers, the internet and mobile phones empower the integration and fusion of ICT and conventional industries.

Digital information will become the driving force of the fourth industrial revolution and a key to competitiveness. Indeed, advancements in technological innovation and the World Wide Web mean that companies can now conquer entire markets by securing big data to create new business opportunities and minimize risks. Moreover, the competition between global platform leaders to dominate the industrial ecosystem is becoming increasingly fierce.

The new revolution will pull down industrial borders, and may endanger some existing industries while creating new ones. Concerns are also growing over expectations that one day, robots and AI will replace man in certain jobs, which will further exacerbate income inequality. Given this and the intensifying competition among firms and nations, governments around the world have been called upon to take action and reform the current policies on regulation, education, labor and innovation, amongst others.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and KDI will jointly host the “2016 International Forum on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Industry.”Among the attendees will be experts and officials from across academia, government and international organizations. And the forum will serve as the venue for in-depth discussions on the coming industrial revolution, and the trends and challenges within the industrial landscape.

We thank you for your consideration and warmly invite you to make this timely event a great success.

December 2016
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Il-ho Yoo
President, Korea Development Institute Joon-Kyung Kim
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