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The 2003 KDI-KAEA Conference

  • Date 11 Jul 2003(Fri) ~ 12 Jul 2003(Sat)
  • Hosts KDI

The 2003 KDI-KAEA Conference
"Aging Population, Emerging China, and Sustainable Growth in Korea"


July 11 ~ 12, 2003
Conference Hall, KDI


Organized by
Korea Development Institute
Korea-America Economic Association


This conference is jointly sponsored by KDI(Korea Development Institute) and KAEA(Korea-America Economic Association) on the themes of "Aging Population, Emerging China, and Sustainable Growth in Korea."


Friday-July 11, 2003



Session I: "The Effects of Aging Population on the Economy and the Policy Issues"

Chairman: Hwang Hae Shin

Presenters: KIM, Sei-Wan, Professor at California State University & Kiseok Nam,
Professor at University of Texas-Pan American
"The Middle Generations Saves More: Analytical Approach with Habit
Formation in Three Generation Overlapping Generations Economy"

▶Discussant: Hur, Seok-Kyun, KDI

KWACK, Sung Yeung, Professor at Howard University
"The Impact of Aging Population in Korea on Household Saving Rate
▶Discussant: Hong, Ki Seok, Ewha University

LEE, Sang-Hyup, Professor at University of Hawaii &Andrew Mason,
Professor at University of Hawaii
"Is the Population Aging Causing an Increase in Income Inequality?
Evidence from Taiwan"
▶Discussant: Choi, Kyungsoo, KDI


Session II: "Public Pension and Related Issues"

Chairman: KWACK, Sung Yeung
Presenters: SHIN, Hung Sik, Professor at Frostburg State University
"Issues in Accounting and Reporting of the National Pension fund of Korea"

▶Discussant: Moon, Hyung Pyo, KDI

KANG, Moon-Soo, Senior Fellow at KDI
"Aging Society and Management of Public Pension Funds in Korea"

▶Discussant: Oh, Gyu Tak, Joong Ang University


Session III: "The Changes of Industrial Structure in Northeast Asia"

Chairman: Chun, Hong Tack
Presenters: CHANG, Semoon, Professor at University of South Alabama
"Impact of China's Globalization on Korea's Exports to the U.S. & Chinese
▶Discussant: Choi, Yong-Seok, KDI

KIM, Joon Kyung, Chief Officer of Research Planning and Coordination
at KDI & Lee, Chung H., Professor at University of Hawaii, Manoa
"Korea's Direct Investment in China and Its Implications for Economic
Integration in Northeast Asia"
▶Discussant: Ha, Byong Ki, KIET


Session IV: "Issues Relating to Public Sector Reform"

Chairman: Lee Kye-Sik
Presenters: HWANG, Hae-shin, Professor at Texas A&M University
"Measurements of the Effects of Socio-economic Reforms"
▶Discussant: Shin, In Seok, KDI

KIM Dong Heon, Professor at University of Manchester &
M. Emranul Haque, Professor at University of Manchester
"Public Investment in Transportation and Communication and Growth:
A Dynamic Panel Approach"
▶Discussant: Kim, Dongseok, KDI

KIM, Sang-Hoon, Professor at Montclair State University
"Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Appropriateness of Korean Tax
Incentive Policy on Foreign Investments and Straight Line Depreciation"

▶Discussant: PARK, Chang-Gyun, KDI

Saturday-July 12, 2003


Session V: "Issues on Education Policy"

Chairman: Kim, Sookon
Presenters: KIM, Sunwoong, Professor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee &
Lee, Ju-Ho, Professor at KDI School of Public Policy and Management
"Hierarchy and Market Competition in South Korea's Higher Education
▶Discussant: Lee Young, Hanyang University

YOO, Yoon Ha, Professor at KDI School of Public Policy and
"Private Tutoring As Rent Seeking and Effects of Some Measures to
Curb It"

▶Discussant: Woo, Cheonsik, KDI


Session VI: "Financial Sector Reform and Its Issues"

Chairman: Kang Moon-Soo
Presenters: CHOE , Heungsik and LEE, Bong-Soo, Vice President of the Korea
Institute of Finance and Professor at niversity Uof Houston
"Korean Bank Governance Reform after the Asian Financial Crisis"

▶Discussant: Kang Dongsoo, KDI

PARK, Chang-Gyun & LIM, Kyung-Mook, Fellows of KDI
"Expiration Day Effects in Korean Stock Market: Wag the Dog?"
▶Discussant: Suh Jung Won, Kookmin University

KIM, Hyeon-Wook & PARK, Chang-Gyun, Fellows of KDI
"The Impact of Internet Banking on the Performance of the Korean Banking
Industry: An Empirical Analysis"
▶Discussant: Ree, Jookyung, Bank of Korea


Session VII: "Socially Sustainable Development: Income Distribution and Social Welfare"

Chairman: Kwon, Soon Won
Presenters: CHOI, Kyungsoo, Fellow at KDI
"Explaining Income Inequality in Korea"
▶Discussant: Kim, Dae Il, Seoul National University


Session VIII: "Supplemental Issues "

Chairman: Shim Sangdal
Presenters: KIM Yong Jin, Professor at University of Southern California
"Outside Ownership as a Factor Input"
▶Discussant: Kim, Yong Jin, Ajou University

YOO, Jungho, Director of Center for Economic Information at KDI
"Economic Literacy of Korean High School Students"
▶Discussant: Lee, Ju-Ho, KDI School

CHUNG, Yun Ho, Fellow at KDI
"Art and Science" on Nuancing Conflict: Theoretic Approach and Its
▶Discussant: Choi, Dong Ju, Sook Myung University

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