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[KDI-OECD Seminar]Improving Regulatory Governance: trends, practices and the way forward

  • Date 06 Sep 2017(Wed)
  • Time 9:30∼16:30
  • Venue KDI Common Hall 6th floor
  • Hosts KDI, OECD
As Korea ushers in a new administration, concerns have been reignited over the perpetual low growth of the economy as the GDP growth rate again falls 1%p, as per custom with a change of leadership, and economic vitality loses significant momentum. Likewise, voices are being further raised regarding the perennial issue of income disparity and the more recent imbalance of opportunity.

In response, the government is actively seeking to restore economic dynamism through inclusive growth. For Korea, quality job creation has become the core of policy, and both structural and regulatory reforms will be needed across a spectrum of industries. Indeed, under the new national agenda of ‘regulatory redesign for public welfare and innovation,’the creation of new jobs and technologies and redesign of the regulatory framework to promote new industries have already been put into motion.

Accordingly, as the significance of regulatory reform reemerges to the fore, Korea Development Institute (KDI) and the OECD is hosting an international seminar under of the central theme of‘improving regulatory governance.’ The seminar will serve as a platform for the two institutions to share the outcomes of a joint two-year research project with the public. Moreover, in-depth discussions will be held on Korea’s systems for and management of Regulatory Impact Assessment, ex-post evaluation, stakeholder engagement and regulatory oversight and the experiences, trends and exemplary cases of OECD member countries as well as more future-oriented and innovative ideas on regulatory reform. Ultimately, the seminar aims to provide impetus to the research on regulatory reform and to gain a wider consensus.

We thank you for your consideration and warmly invite you to join in making this timely event a great success.
6th September, 2017
Joon-Kyung Kim
President, Korea Development Institute (KDI)
KDI Research Category
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