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G20 Global Financial Stability Conference 2018

A decade ago, the world economy faced a financial crisis, considered as the worst since the Great Depression. To overcome the crisis, major countries have employed unprecedented expansionary macroeconomic policies, and have promoted international policy coordination, centered around the G20. Thanks to the efforts, the global economy has bounced back.

However, the uncertainties stemming from normalization of monetary policy and spreading protectionism are perceived as risk factors in the global financial market. Also, the advent of digital economy including crypto-assets is likely to pose challenges to financial systems. It is therefore meaningful to identify potential risk factors and proactive countermeasures to global financial stability.

The G20 Global Financial Stability Conference 2018, joined by policymakers and experts from academia and international organizations, will reflect on the roles and achievements of the G20 in overcoming the crisis as well as cross-border capital flows and financial safety nets since then. Moreover, the impact of digital economy on financial stability and considerations for policy coordination will be discussed. We cordially invite you to share your insights with us.

June, 2018
Kunil Hwang                                                                                
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Strategy and Finance
Republic of Korea
Jeong Pyo Choi
Republic of Korea
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