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Sharing Knowledge, Sharing the Future

  • Date 30 Nov 2018(Fri)
  • Time 09:30-17:20
  • Venue Lotte Hotel, Seoul
  • Hosts KDI
Korea has transformed itself from an impoverished nation dependent on international aid to a donor country within half a century. To share lessons learned from Korea’s experience of remarkable development with the world, Korea Development Institute (KDI) has conducted the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) since 2004 and has been engaged in various policy consultation programs and cooperative research in collaboration with international organizations and partner countries. 
The key to success in policy consultation is to provide customized policy recommendations reflecting respective conditions of our partners. Developing countries today share certain common aspects with Korea of the 1960s and 1970s, but also demonstrate many distinct characteristics that simple transfusion of Korea’s experience could be impractical.
This year, KDI has engaged in a research project titled Sharing Knowledge, Sharing the Future. Its purpose is to study the current situation in developing countries and find an appropriate mix of policy suggestions for them. It covers various themes, including macroeconomics, industrialization, science and technology, rural development, human resource development, healthcare, environmental policy, public expenditure management, and civil service reform.
As part of the project, KDI is hosting the Sharing Knowledge, Sharing the Future to disseminate major findings of the study to the community of experts and practitioners in international cooperation. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to this occasion and to share your valuable insights with us. Your participation will greatly contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of Korea’s policy dialogue with its partner countries.
Choi, Jeong Pyo
Korea Development Institute
KDI Research Category
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