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2005 KDI-KAEA Conference: Korea

  • Date 06 Jul 2005(Wed)
  • Hosts KDI

Following the two consecutive years'' success of Korea Development Institute (KDI) and Korea America Economic Association (KAEA) Joint Conference, KDI hosts the 2005 KDI/KAEA Conference on "Korea''s Corporate Environment and Sustainable Development Strategy" on July 15, 2005 at KDI.

This conference will address various economic policy agendas faced by Korea. The experts from KDI, KAEA, and other domestic and foreign academia and professional circles will present seventeen papers on six topics such as Corporate environment, SMEs Policy, Productivity, Financial Market Analysis, Banking System, Financial and Fiscal Reform.

We hope you would join us at this timely event with your valuable comments and ideas and help us shape the future policy direction for Korea to leap into the league of advanced economies. Thank you.

  • Venue: Main Conference Hall & Conference Room in Annex, KDI
  • Time: July 15, 2005, 09:00~18:00
  • Title: Korea''s Corporate Environment and Sustainable Development Strategy
  • Contact: Ms. Sang Hee Hong (Tel. 958-4294, Email:

Conference Schedule


09:00 ~ 09:30

Registration and Networking

Session I: Empirical Financial Market Analysis


Bong-Soo Lee, University of Houston

09:30 ~ 10:20

Presenter: Kilman Shin, Ferris State University, “Foreign Exchange Rate and Stock Market: Granger Causality Test for the Korea and US Data”

Discussant: Jaeyoung Kim, Seoul National University

10:20 ~ 11:10

Presenter: Byung-Joo Lee, University of Notre Dame, “Economic Fundamentals on Exchange Rates under Different Exchange Rate Regimes: Recent Experiences from the Korean Exchange Rate Regime Change”

Discussant: Jaeuk Khil, Hanyang University

11:10 ~ 12:00

Presenter: Kee H. Chung, State University of New York at Buffalo, “Effects of Stock Attributes, Market Structure, and Tick Size on the Speed of Spread and Depth Adjustment”

Discussant: Junghoon Seon, Korea Securities Research Institute

12:00 ~ 13:30


Session II: Financial and Fiscal Reforms


Kyoo Hong Kim, Bowling Green State University

13:30 ~ 14:10

Presenter: Chung H. Lee, Hawaii University/Hong-Bum Kim, Gyeongsang National University, “Financial Reform, Institutional Interdependency, and Supervisory Failure in the Post-Crisis Korea”

Discussant: Sang Moon Hahm, KDI School of Public Policy and Management

14:10 ~ 14:50

Presenter: Youngsun Koh, Korea Development Institute, “Reforming the Fiscal Management System in Korea”

Discussant: Young Lee, Hanyang University

14:50 ~ 15:00

Coffee Break

15:00 ~ 15:40

Presenter: Kang H. Park, Southeast Missouri State University, “Economic and Financial Integration in East Asia and Necessary Regulatory Reform for a Financial Hub in Korea”

Discussant: Kyungsoo Kim, Sungkyunkwan University

15:40 ~ 16:20

Presenter: Joachim Ahrens, European Business School International University, “Safeguarding Economic Cooperation, Reform, and Development on the Korean Peninsula”

Discussant: Dongho Jo, Korea Development Institute


Coffee Break

Session III: Evidence on Banking System


Baekin Cha, Korea Institute of Finance

16:30 ~ 17:10

Presenter: Bong-Soo Lee, University of Houston, “Bank-based and Market-based Financial Systems: Time-series Evidence”

Discussant: Changkyu Choi, Myongii University

17:10 ~ 17:50

Presenter: Hyeon-Wook Kim, Korea Development Institute/Chang Park, Korea Development Institute, “Looking for Evidence of Relationship Banking in Korea: Competitiveness in Local Banks in SME Loan Market”

Discussant: Jabonn Kim, Korea Institute of Finance

17:50 ~ 18:00



09:00 ~ 09:30

Registration and Networking

Session I: Corporate Environment and Performances


Sang Moon Hahm, KDI School of Public Policy and Management

09:30 ~ 10:20

Presenter: Suk Hi Kim, University of Detroit Mercy, "Shareholder Protection Laws and Corporate Boards: Evidence from Europe"

Discussant: Taeyoon Sung, KAIST

10:20 ~ 11:10

Presenter: Dongsoo Kang, Korea Development Institute, “Corporate Distress and Restructuring Policy of the Korean SMEs: the Role of Credit Guarantee System”

Discussant: Soon Yeong Hong, Korea Small Business Institute

11:10 ~ 11:20

Coffee Break

Session II: SMEs Policy in the Globalization Era


Won Am Park, Hongik University

11:20 ~ 12:10

Presenter: Joohoon Kim, Korea Development Institute/Cheonsik Woo, Korea Development Institute, “Sources of SME Innovations in the Globalization Era”
Discussant: Sanghoon Ahn, Korea Development Institute

12:10 ~ 13:30


13:30 ~ 14:20

Presenter: In Uck Park, University of Bristol, “What Motivates Start-up Firms When Innovations are Sequential?”

Discussant: Sungbin Cho, Korea Development Institute

14:20 ~ 15:10

Presenter: MoonJoong Tcha, Korea Development Institute/Yongseok Choi, Korea Development Institute, “Impact of Globalization: Korean Experiences”

Discussant: Sanghoon Ahn, Korea Development Institute

15:10 ~ 15:20

Coffee Break

Session III: Productivity and Growth Accounting


Kwang Suk Kim, Kyunghee University

15:20 ~ 16:10

Presenter: Sanghoon Ahn, Korea Development Institute, “Global Competition and Productivity Growth: Evidence from Korean Manufacturing Micro-data”

Discussant: Euysung Kim, Yonsei University

16:10 ~ 17:00

Presenter: Somesh Mathur, Central University, “Growth Accounting for Some Selected Developing, Newly Industrialized and Developed Nations from 1966-2000: A Data Envelopment Analysis”

Discussant: Seok-kyun Hur, Korea Development Institute

17:00 ~ 17:10


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