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[2016 APN Conference] Responding to New Challenges: Towards a More Effective Implementation of PPPs

  • Date 30 Nov 2016(Wed) ~ 02 Dec 2016(Fri)
  • Venue Millennium Seoul Hilton, Seoul
  • Hosts KDI, Korean MOSF, World Bank, ADB
The Korea Development Institute (KDI), the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea (MOSF), the World Bank Group (WBG), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are organizing this year’s Asia PPP Practitioners’ Network (APN) on the topic of “Responding to New Challenges: Towards a More Effective Implementation of PPPs.” 

The APN, which started in 2010 as a five-day working level training that brought together practitioners from PPP units from across Asia and the Pacific, had been well recognized as a platform gathering knowledge and trends in PPP development in the region. Serving as a global PPP network, its primary objectives are: 

□ To provide fundamental knowledge and essential skills for PPP units and government officials in the Asia-Pacific region;
□ To share knowledge and experience of countries in PPP development and discuss policy issues for the promotion of infrastructure investment;
□ To explore recent trends and analyze crucial issues in PPP models; and
□ To facilitate regional networking and collaboration in the exchange of knowledge and information on PPPs.

Maintaining the original purpose and spirit, recent APN has transformed into an international arena convening heads of PPP units from Asian countries, invited to share important trends and issues in the world PPP market together with experts from trendsetting countries with advanced PPP players, academia and international organizations.
This year speakers and attendees are invited to share theoretical/practical ideas and experiences on using PPPs as efficient investment tool. The seminar seeks to foster shared experiences and greater cooperation amongst all participants, first, by sharing both significant changes to PPP policies in individual countries and by examining global trends of PPP procurement. During the second day issues of enabling more efficient PPPs will be raised, from evaluating the environment for PPPs in the Asia Pacific region to prioritizing infrastructure projects. The seminar will then focus on enhancing performance of PPPs, including building up of regulatory framework for financing cross-border infrastructure projects, issues of termination and problems arising from insolvency. After concluding the class session, site visits are arranged both to study the operation part as well as to foster private sector’s perspective of PPP investment.
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