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Global Financial Stability Conference 2017

  • Date 15 Nov 2017(Wed)
  • Time 09:30~17:00
  • Venue Conrad Seoul
  • Hosts Ministry of Strategy and Finance, KDI
Twenty years have passed since the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997. The Korean economy at the time had experienced unprecedented difficulties, triggered by the sudden outflow of capital and the depletion of foreign exchange reserves. With the concerted efforts of Korean people, however, Korea managed to overcome the crisis, achieving a sound external position and reinforcing its capacities to manage systemic risks.
Recently the world economy is showing signs of recovery. However, there are a number of risk factors including the normalization of monetary policy in advanced economies, uncertainties around trade protectionism, and a slowdown of productivity growth. To prevent such risks from precipitating another crisis, pre-emptive measures and cross-border policy coordination are necessary and such efforts shall begin by reviewing the lessons from the past.
The Global Financial Stability Conference 2017: The Asian Crisis 20 Years Later will provide a meaningful opportunity to revisit the policy environments and responses of Asian countries twenty years ago and to have in-depth discussions on the global financial system and safety net with policymakers and international finance experts from academia and international organizations. We cordially invite you to the Conference in Seoul, and sincerely hope you will join us.
November 2017
Hyoung-Kwon Ko
Vice Minister
Ministry of Strategy and Finance
Republic of Korea
Joon-Kyung Kim
KDI Research Category
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