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2018 Knowledge Sharing Program Dissemination Seminar

  • Date 29 Aug 2018(Wed)
  • Venue Lotte Hotel, Seoul
  • Hosts Ministry of Economy and Finance

Knowledge Sharing Program
The Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) is a knowledge-intensive development and economic cooperation program designed to share Korea’s development experience with partner countries. The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Republic of Korea has been overseeing KSP for partner countries for their policy capacity building and sustainable development since 2004. As of 2018, about 1,000 policy consultations have been conducted in 64 countries to promote sustainable socio-economic development. KSP has offered comprehensive policy consultations tailored to the needs of partner countries encompassing in-depth analysis, policy consultation, and training opportunities.

KSP is built upon Knowledge-driven development, sharing Korea’s experiences of economic development enhancing capacities and confidence of policy makers. KSP believes in the principle of ”Enabling” and ”Sharing”, creating the foundation for ownership-driven and mid-  and long-term economic growth.
KSP Dissemination Seminar
KSP Dissemination Seminar has been held annually to share experiences and the research outcomes of the KSP conducted throughout project year. The seminar will invite selected policy makers from partner countries, representatives from international organizations, as well as domestic private sector, civil society actors, academics and the media. Every year, 400~500 participants attend the seminar to discuss to KSP results and outcomes, and share insights on the future of KSP.

2018 KSP Dissemination Seminar aims to introduce KSP outcomes and explore how they can be successfully linked to economic cooperation schemes, providing a forum for vision and mission of KSP.

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