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About CID


The Center for International Development at KDI aims to brighten the futures of Korea's development partner countries in achieving their goals of economic development.
CID is at the forefront of efforts to achieve balanced development of the global community by sharing Korea's economic development experiences and knowledge with partner countries. The Center conducts research on development policies of Korea and other countries and provides customized policy consultations based on research results. Also, in order to facilitate the implementation of policy recommendations, CID offers various policy training opportunities to high-ranking government officials and experts from developing countries.

Stablishment of the Center for International Development(CID)
  • Integration of ODECO, North Korean Economic Research Division, and CEC at KDI School
  • Reorganization into Policy Research Division, Policy Consultation Division, Policy Training Division, and North Korean Economic Research Division
  • Integration of existing development cooperation projects with collaborative research programs such as international cooperation programs, joint ... research programs with international organizations (WB, OECD and IMF), and short- and long-term training programs
Transfer of KSP to KDI and the establishment of the Office for Development Cooperation (ODECO)
  • ODECO takes responsibility for policy research and consultations
  • CEC at KDI School takes responsibility for education and training activities
Establishment of the International Development Exchange Program (IDEP)
  • Provision of policy research, consultation and educational training programs for partner countries
  • Implementation of joint research projects with international organizations
Establishment of the International Development Exchange Program (IDEP)
  • Dissemination of Korea's economic development experiences to partner countries
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