KDI center roles and key activities.

Other Prtojects

Ⅰ. International Development Cooperation Research and Projects

To stimulate qualitative growth in development cooperation, the CID has undertaken a variety of research projects and other activities aimed at 1) providing basic materials for development cooperation projects through in-depth examination of Korea’s development experience; 2) organizing forums with development cooperation experts to create networks of academic and experience-based knowledge in different areas; and 3) identifying ideas for efficient cooperation using existing networks of development cooperation, including international organizations.

  • This academic effort is intended to supply basic data and empirical materials on Korea’s economic development and analyze mechanisms of socioeconomic development that could be applied more effectively to the development environments of partner nations.
  • Experts in different areas of development cooperation are invited to speak at the CID’s forums, where they lead thought-provoking discussions on major issues.
  • In conjunction with the Development Policy Society and other organizations, the center has organized dialogue forums for domestic and overseas researchers to build the strongest possible body of knowledge on this subject.
Ⅱ. Support for the Establishment of Myanmar Development Institute (MDI)

Myanmar Development Institute (MDI) was conceived with the goal of improving macro-level and socioeconomic development policy, as well as capacity in public policy research, and facilitating capacity building among government officials, researchers and other relevant figures.

Its main features include formulating the master plan, carrying out joint research between Korea and Myanmar in five areas—macroeconomics and finance, industry and trade, regional development, social development, construction of the physical building, and provision of equipment. Among these, KDI’s responsibilities include master plan, joint research and capacity-building programs.

While implementing the project, the CID plans to support enactment of MDI-related legislation, foster stronger cooperation with the donor community in Myanmar, and search for links between the KSP and other development cooperation programs in Korea and abroad.

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