KDI center roles and key activities.


Center for International Development

The Center for International Development engages in research and knowledge sharing activities including capacity and institution building with developing partner countries through the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP).

Knowledge Sharing Program

The Knowledge Sharing Program(KSP) is a knowledge-intensive development and economic cooperation program designed to share Korea’s development experiences with partner countries. KSP offers comprehensive policy consultations tailored to the needs of partner countries encompassing in-depth analysis, policy consultation, and training opportunities.

KSP Dissemination Seminar

This presented an opportunity to increase awareness and discuss the major outcomes of all KSP projects and the program’s significance. Attending the seminar were figures from leading government agencies and development partner organizations from Korea and abroad, policy think tanks and private businesses.

KSP Regional Seminars

To increase the effectiveness of KSP policy consultations as a form of bilateral cooperation and broaden the base for regional KSP efforts, the KDI launched regional KSP seminars to allow participants to discuss region-specific development tasks.


The center provides Knowledge Sharing Program and Modularization of Korea’s Development Experience reports which deal with the contents and performance of various policy alternatives for promoting economic cooperation between countries.

Major achievements:
KSP policy consultations

From 2004 to 2015, CID has implemented policy consultations on 800 issues in 51 countries. Based on Krea’s development and policy experience, KSP is conducting joint research on alternative policies for sustainable development in partner countries.

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