KDI center roles and key activities.


Center for International Development

The Center for International Development engages in research and knowledge sharing activities including capacity and institution building with developing partner countries through the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP).

Knowledge Sharing Program

The Center for International Development (CID) at KDI was established to contribute to the global prosperity by sharing Korea’s development experience and advising developing countries and transition economies on effective policy formulation and implementation. To this end, CID plans and executes the Knowledge Sharing Program(KSP) while building partnerships with international organizations and the private sector. CID also endeavors to propose directions for Korea’s development cooperation by conducting research on different regions and policy areas.

Research on International Development

CID is concentrating its effort on improving the quality of development cooperation by providing policy recommendations and sharing regional and sectoral in-depth research outcomes

Knowledge Sharing Program

CID has conducted numerous policy consultations and capacity building programs to more than 60 partner countries on a wide range of economic and social issues through Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP)

Global Partnership

CID is building partnerships with development agencies, governments, institutions, and private sector to carry out joint projects and enhance the impact of its development cooperation activities.

Conference / Seminar

From 2004 to 2015, CID has implemented policy consultations on 800 issues in 51 countries. Based on Krea’s development and policy experience, KSP is conducting joint research on alternative policies for sustainable development in partner countries.

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