KDI center roles and key activities.


Center for Regulatory Studies

The Center for Regulatory Studies examines institutional arrangements and advocates new policies and reforms to promote competition and innovation and strengthen the country’s safety and security apparatus.

Regulatory Studies

The Centers develops regulatory cost analysis methodologies and guidelines to support the proper implementation of the regulatory cost management system. In addition, research is conducted on rational regulatory reform and exemplary foreign cases as well as in-depth analyses on relevant systems that could promote substantial regulatory reform.

Regulatory Impact Analysis

The Center reviews the propriety of respective cost-benefit analysis results drafted and submitted by various ministries and calls for the necessary revisions in order enhance the effectiveness of the regulatory impact analysis system and contribution to the improvement of regulation quality.

Regulatory Cost Management System

The Center reviews the propriety of cost-benefit analyses and verifies the regulatory costs presented by various ministry. The verification results are then reflected in the analyses and regulatory costs are reanalyzed.

Consulting and Education

The Center provides competent ministries with educational and training programs and consultation on cost benefit analysis to strengthen the capacity of regulatory impact analyses and the effectiveness of regulatory reform systems.

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