KDI center roles and key activities.


Economic Information and Education Center

The Economic Information and Education Center raises public awareness and delivers education training programs and content on economic and public policy issues for policymakers, the media, educators, and the public.

Economic Policy Information for Citizens (EPIC)

The EIEC compiles information on economic policies released by 15 economic ministries and related organizations in order to provide online information through its website.
The service started in 1990 and also available on the EIEC website ( and various portals. Meanwhile, the EIEC compiles and disseminates valuable information including research results released by more than 70 economic institutions around the world, including the IMF, World Bank, WTO, Brookings, NBER, etc. The EIEC has also been active provider of various economic information and educational services to not only students and social studies teachers in middle and high schools but also the public who are interested in economy.

Educational Training

The EIEC has executed a number of economics education projects including: Economics Education for Social Studies at Middle and High Schools and Non-Social Studies Teachers at Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Economy Class for the Youth, operation of Economics Education Website, Economics Education for Central and Local Government Officials, Economics Classroom for Civil Society, and Economics Education Using Media.

Economics Education Support for Free Semester System

In order to embed ‘Project-based Learning (PBL)’ principles into the free semester system scheduled to be executed in a full swing at middle schools in Korea, the EIEC conducted a pilot project for PBL-based economics education at two middle schools in Sejong-si.

Public Opinion Survey

The EIEC’s public and experts’ opinion survey was on pending economic issues and policies such as economic policy direction, real estates, start-ups and the services industry, which provided fundamental information to the formulation and implementation of government policies.

Authorization of Economics Textbook

The KDI has taken on the role of economics textbook authority since 2012 which was transferred from the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE) in order to upgrade the profession and credibility of authorization.

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