KDI center roles and key activities.


Public and Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center

The Public and Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center serves as a gatekeeper of public investment procurement by enhancing efficiency and transparency of public and private investment management and provides various consulting services and research to improve related policies and analytical tools.

Feasibility Study on Publicly-financed Projects

The Center conducts preliminary feasibility studies (PFS) on large public investment projects, reassessment of feasibility studies for total project cost management, and contributes to improving the efficiency and soundness of fiscal management through ex ante and ex post feasibility studies on large public investment projects.

Public-Private Partnership(PPP) Investment

In order to implement private partnership investment projects more effectively, the Center provides not only direct services such as feasibility analysis and Value for Money (VfM) tests, proposal evaluation, review of refinancing, negotiation support and review of dispute resolution, but also policy services with the competent authority and private sector such as internal external education programs, detailed guidelines and policy development studies on private partnership investment.

Public Institution Evaluation

The Center was designated as a specialized institution that conducts PFS on a certain scale of investment of public institutions, and also, by conducting objective evaluation of feasibility of public sector-funded projects and then allowing access to its results for references before deciding on a new public institution investment, it has contributed to increasing project efficiency and securing financial soundness of public institutions.

Special Cases of Taxation

Starting in 2015, PIMAC has conducted PFS and indepth evaluation on projects subject to tax reduction. Tax Expenditure Evaluation is divided into ex ante management through Preliminary Feasibility Study for Special Taxation and ex post management through In-depth Evaluation of Special Taxation.

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