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KDI Publishes Case Studies on Public Policy in Korea for Knowledge Sharing: A step towards the establishment of platform on Korean development

KDI 2018/03/19
□ KDI published Case Studies on Public Policy in Korea for Knowledge Sharing jointly with KDI School of Public Policy and Management on March 19th.

○ The report was published to increase the effectiveness of Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) and to create a virtuous cycle of knowledge creation and sharing.

○ As an useful reference for the implementation of knowledge sharing projects, the report will work as a guideline for project officers of knowledge sharing projects and an educational tool for policy practitioners in developing nations.

○ In addition, the report will be utilized as a ‘teaching material’ at International Organizations (IOs), donor agencies, educational and research institutions whom intend to incorporate policy case studies in educational programs.

□ The report analyzes Korea’s development experience cases such as the major policy planning process, and follows the Science of Delivery (SOD) mechanism to deliver policy solutions effectively.

○ It consists of 9 chapters; Korea’s development experience was divided into 8 topics, and major policy planning process and implementation cases in each topic were analyzed and classified.

- Case study topics were identified and selected based on the analysis of existing studies including the KSP modulization reports so that the topics would be useful for ‘teaching’.

○Accordingly, the report effectively provides policy solutions by analyzing the problems that could occur upon the policy implementation process.

□ The research outcome and contents from this report will be published as part of a ‘case study series’ which will be distributed as e-contents so that anyone interested in Korea’s development experience would be able to access the material easily from anywhere, free of charge.

○ The case study materials will be accessible through the web page of KDI and K-Developedia.

□ Dr. Young-sun Koh, Executive Director of Center for International Development (CID) at KDI said, “The report will further assist in establishing the platform on Korean development, and facilitating the dissemination of customized policy solutions and analysis made from KDI’s knowledge sharing projects.”

- Youngsun Koh (Executive Director, Center for International Development) (+82-44-550-4454,
- Anna Ko (Research Associate, Policy Consultation Team 3, Center for International Development)(+82-44-550-4284,

「Case Studies on Public Policy in Korea for Knowledge Sharing」
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