Release of medium-to-long term outlook on respective agenda based
on the analysis of pending macroeconomic issues

Economic Bulletin

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Economic Bulletin, July 2018
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■ The Green Book: Current Economic Trends
 1. External economic situation
 2. Private consumption
 3. Facility investment
 4. Construction investment
 5. Exports and imports 
 6. Mining and manufacturing production
 7. Service sector activity
 8. Employment
 9. Financial markets
  9.1 Stock market
  9.2 Exchange rate
  9.3 Bond market
  9.4 Money supply and money market
 10. Balance of payments
 11. Prices
  11.1 Consumer prices
  11.2 International oil and commodity prices
 12. Real estate market
  12.1 Housing market
  12.2 Land market
 13. Composite indices of business cycle indicators

■ Policy Issue
Economic policies for H2 2018: Second half policies focus on ‘growth through innovation’ as well as inclusive growth

■ Economic News Briefing

■ Statistical Appendices
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