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Monthly Economic Trends

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KDI Monthly Economic Trends 2017. 4
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SUMMARY □ The Korean economy continued to grow at a moderate pace on improving investment and exports.

○ Both construction and facilities investments continued to grow fast while exports trended up on the recovery of the global economy.

- Construction investment remained favorable, facilities investment rose fast on semiconductors performing favorably, and capital goods imports surged.

- Export conditions improved on a gradually recovering global economy.

○ Meanwhile, private consumption exhibited slow growth and the manufacturing capacity utilization rate stood low, pointing to a still moderately recovering economy.

- Retail sales climbed slightly and services growth slowed, indicating a slight weakness in private consumption.

- The manufacturing capacity utilization rate remained low (70.9), implying that the pace of economic recovery, now mainly in semiconductors, is not likely to be felt soon throughout the overall manufacturing sector.
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