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Monthly Economic Trends

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KDI Monthly Economic Trends 2017. 6
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SUMMARY □ The Korean economy maintained a moderate improvement led by exports and investment demand, although production growth moderated slightly.

○ Growth in manufacturing production slowed mainly in semiconductors, indicating a slightly adjusted recovery pace from the rapid acceleration since 4Q 2016.

- April’s mining and manufacturing production exhibited a lower growth than last month led by sectors such as semiconductors and oil refining which have shown rapid gains in exports and facilities investment.

○ However, exports continued to improve in both amount and volume on better global economic activity. And construction and facilities investment remained relatively favorable.

- May’s exports continued on a favorable trend while leading indicators for facilities investment such as machinery imports maintained high growth.

- The labor market showed a positive trend in employment growth, particularly in manufacturing influenced by recovering exports, suggesting a moderate improvement in employment conditions.

○ Meanwhile, a full recovery in private consumption has been delayed but the consumer sentiment index ascended, pointing to prevailing expectations for an economic recovery.
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