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Monthly Economic Trends

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KDI Monthly Economic Trends 2017. 8
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SUMMARY □ The Korean economy exhibits a slightly weakening recovery lately, following the improvement trend seen after the 4Q last year.

○ The mining and manufacturing production recorded a negative growth, particularly in manufacturing, pointing to a weak improvement in industrial production.

- June’s all industry production growth continued to trend down since March and its seasonally adjusted MOM growth also slid.

- Services production also shows little momentum to support an overall recovery.

○ Facilities investment maintained an improvement led by the semiconductor industry, but other sectors exhibited an adjustment in demand growth.

- Construction investment posted an adjustment in the favorable conditions seen during the past 1-2 years while exports, excluding semiconductors and vessels, exhibited a slow growth.

- Private consumption, including overseas consumption, showed relatively stable growth but the retail sales growth—more related to domestic economic condition—exhibited a gradual decrease.

○ Meanwhile, the leading composite index continued to improve and the consumer sentiment index remained favorable, suggesting that expectations of an economic recovery still run high.
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