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Monthly Economic Trends

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KDI Monthly Economic Trends 2017. 9
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SUMMARY □ Signs of an economic slowdown stabilized in production side but the overall economy showed no hint of a steady recovery.

○ Concerns about an economic slowdown in production side resulting from the decrease in industrial production growth in the previous 2Q have somewhat subsided.

- The declining production in manufacturing and mining since March improved in July while services production continued to rise moderately.

- Exports driven by semiconductors exhibited an increased growth mainly in petroleum products in August, supporting the economic improvement.

○ However, the improvement trend in domestic demand appears to be unsteady.

- The increase in retail sales growth was attributed mainly to temporary factors such as the base effect related to passenger car sales, and consumer sentiment has weakened slightly.

- Facilities and construction investments maintained relatively favorable conditions particularly in semiconductors and the building construction sector, but relevant leading indicators are slowing down.
Private Consumption and Fixed Investment(at 2010 Constant Prices)
Net Purchases by Foreign Investors
Banks Loans to the Corporate Sector
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