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Monthly Economic Trends

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KDI Monthly Economic Trends 2018. 1
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SUMMARY □ The Korean economy appears to be growing at a modest pace as consumption growth accelerates but that of investment slows.

○ Equipment investment slackened and construction investment continued last month??s downward trend, indicating that the improvement in investment is gradually weakening.

- The equipment investment index continued to trend up led by machinery but its growth slowed gradually on shrinking transport equipment.

- The value of construction completed continued to decrease led by the building construction sector, and relevant leading indicators contracted further, implying that construction investment is rapidly slowing down.

- As a result, employment growth ebbed particularly in construction, causing a dampening effect on employment conditions.

○ On the other hand, consumption sentiments remained elevated and retail sales improved sharply, partially offsetting the moderation in investment.

- The CCSI remained favorable on positive expectations over economic improvements and the retail sales index grew at a relatively fast rate.

- Services production exhibited a relatively strong rebound as wholesale and retail trade and accommodation and food services increased on improving private consumption.

○ Meanwhile, December??s export growth continued a relatively steady growth although it slowed on reduced workdays (two days) but average daily exports maintained high growth.
Private Consumption and Fixed Investment(at 2010 Constant Prices)
Net Purchases by Foreign Investors
Banks Loans to the Corporate Sector
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