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Korea's Participation in Global Value Chains and Policy Implications

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  • Author CHUNG. Sunghoon
  • Date 2015/07/16
  • Series No. KDI FOCUS No. 59, eng.
  • Language English
SUMMARY □ The expansion of global value chains during the past 20 years has widened the gap between export value and domestic value added, diminishing the per-unit contribution of exports to the country’s economic growth. Thus, policies now need to target creating value added rather than increasing gross exports and focus on enhancing the competitiveness of input and production activities. In particular, regulatory reform must take place in the service sector to eliminate unnecessary obstacles to competitiveness. Moreover, to utilize global value chains more effectively, efforts should be made to enhance the efficiency of offshoring and attract production to the country’s shores in order to create more domestic valued added and jobs.
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