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Research Monograph

Openness and Economic Development

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  • Author CHUNG. Sunghoon, Chin-hee Hahn, Hyeok Jeong, CHUNG. Sunghoon, Kwanho Shin
  • Date 2016/04/30
  • Series No. Research Monograph 2016-02
  • Language Korean
SUMMARY We identify whether open economic policy has played a key role in facilitating economic development in Korea, and if so, through what mechanism the openness has induced Korean economic performance by applying modern economic theories and empirical analyses. Many studies that deal with the relationship between openness and Korean economic development tend to assess it from the perspective of economic history, lacking systematic approaches in explaining causal relationship based on theoretical and empirical analyses. Thus, this collection of individual study, incorporating forceful theories and empirical evidence into research, supplements the existing literature and open a gate for further researches. We also discuss the policy implications of the findings at the end of each chapter.
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