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Policy Study

Improving Statistics on Korea’s Overseas Direct Investment

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  • Author LEE. Jaehyung, Jinmyon Lee
  • Date 2016/08/31
  • Series No. Policy Study 2016-03
  • Language Korean
SUMMARY The highly rapid expansion of Korea’s overseas direct investment has brought overseas production to the fore in research and policies pertinent to industry. However, despite the growing demand, there is insufficient statistics on overseas investment. As such, this study aims to examine various approaches to develop and improve such statistics. It emphasizes the necessity of creating an information database on the overseas affiliates of Korean firms, along with statistics on their business operations and trends. Furthermore, suggestions are presented for the development of statistics that can help map out the business activities of overseas affiliates based on the parent firms in Korea. It also recommends that micro data should be provided more broadly and a system enabling such provision should be established so that the statistics on outbound investment can be diversely utilized.
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