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Ship finance practices in major shipbuilding economies

OECD 2019.08.07
This report presents an overview and trends of the ship finance practices in major shipbuilding economies. Ship finance is a broad term that involves corporate financial management of shipping companies and shipyards as well as new-building finance. Shipping companies need funds in order to refinance their debts, to sustain their working capital and to acquire vessels. Shipyards also need to finance their working capital before delivering orders and receiving full payments. There are two main sources of capital allowing shipping companies to finance their businesses; raising money through equity financing (sales of shares) or debt (loans and bonds). In the case of shipbuilding, debt financing includes using leasing schemes. Given the fact that the maritime industry is highly capital intensive, and with the 2008 Global Financial Crisis’ depressing effects on global economy and international trade, its financing has become critical for the shipbuilding sector and shipping companies around the world.

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