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Inferences and Descriptive Analyses on Education, Livelihoods, and Rural Poverty through Fieldwork and Tailored Household Survey in Marinduque, the Philippines

JETRO 2019.08.13
This paper spells out the descriptive information of our primary-data collection survey. The survey was conducted in the Marinduque province, the Philippines for researches on exploring male underperformance in education. The province was selected from the regions of typicality with the research topic in the country. The provincial economy is characterized as a rural economy in which primary sectors are prevailing. Self-employment miscellaneous occupations and public servants also prevail in the economy. The male youth in our sample underperform in education not only in academic achievements but also in enrollment status and daily activities as compare to their female counterparts. The male youth stopped or dropout from schooling earlier and more. While the hindrances to schoolings are generally common to both males and females, this paper presents some reported situations they face differently.

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