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Impact of Regulating Non-Regular Employment on Firms’ Employment Decisions

한국개발연구원 2018.11.19
Regulations on the use of non-regular workers can encourage the conversion to regular workers and reduce firms’ labor use. They can also increase the use of non-regular employment types that are not subject to the law. The impact of regulating the use of non-regular workers on firms’ employment decisions can vary depending on the degree of rigidity in working conditions for regular employees. According to this, Korea Development Institute presents that measures to ease the rigidity of working conditions for regular employees must be sought to fulfill the intended goals of the law.

<Table of Contents>

1. Issues

2. Institutional Background

3. Significance of the 2007 Non-regular Employment Protection Law on Firms’ Employment Decisions

4. Employer Survey on the Non-regular Employment Protection Law (Act on the Protection, etc. of Fixed-Term and Part-Time Workers)

5. Summary and Conclusion

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