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Big Government Requires High Taxes on the Middle Class

Heritage 2019.12.02
The United States is a low-tax country compared to its European allies, especially for lower-income and middle-income workers. In Europe, single workers making $40,000 pay average tax rates of 43.8 percent and are left with $22,467 of personal income after taxes. In the United States, the same worker pays an average tax rate of 28.5 percent and has $28,352 of useable income after taxes, $6,000 more than in Europe. Above-average wage earners in Europe pay average tax rates of 51.7 percent, $16,000 more in taxes than in the U.S. Keeping taxes low should be a primary goal of U.S. lawmakers. However, low taxes are not sustainable if America continues down the path of a European-style social welfare system.

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