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Exploring linkages between non-tariff measures and the Sustainable Development Goals: A global concordance matrix and application to Asia and the Pacific

UNESCAP 2020.01.15
Non-tariff measures (NTM) are policy measures other than ordinary tariffs that can impact international trade. Many of the NTMs are, in principle, imposed to address specific and legitimate non-trade objectives, including those that are relevant to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This working paper presents a methodology to link NTMs imposed on certain product groups to relevant SDGs and their targets, based on the stated or implied objectives of NTMs as reflected in the UNCTAD’s Trade Analysis and Information System (TRAINS) database. A matrix of information strings linking SDG Targets, HS codes, NTM codes, as well as selected keywords is constructed. The matrix is then used to analyse the extent to which NTMs in the TRAINS database are related to SDGs in selected countries, with a specific focus on Asia and the Pacific.

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