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2017년도 아시아 민간투자 네트워크(APN) 컨퍼런스

  • 일자 2017년 11월 29일(수) ~ 2017년 12월 01일(금)
  • 장소 서울 더플라자 호텔 오키드홀
  • 주최 KDI·세계은행그룹·아시아개발은행
Korea Development Institute (KDI), the World Bank Group (WBG), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are organizing this year’s Asia PPP Practitioners’ Network (APN) Conference on the topic of “Infrastructure Investment for Sustainable Growth: The Role of PPP and Challenges Ahead.”

The APN, which started in 2010 as a five-day working level training program that brought together practitioners from the PPP units across Asia and the Pacific, has been well recognized as a platform for gathering knowledge and identifying trends in PPP development in the region. Serving as a global PPP network, its primary objectives are:

?ㆍ To provide fundamental knowledge and essential skills for PPP units and government officials in the Asia-Pacific region;
?ㆍ To share knowledge and experience of countries in PPP development and discuss policy issues for the promotion of infrastructure investment;
?ㆍ To explore recent trends and analyze crucial issues in PPP models; and
?ㆍ To facilitate regional networking and collaboration in the exchange of knowledge and information on PPPs.

Maintaining the original purpose and spirit, recent APN conferences have been an international arena convening heads of PPP units from Asian countries, where they have shared important trends and issues in the world PPP market with experts from the countries with an advanced PPP system, academia and international organizations.

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