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Monthly Economic Trends KDI Monthly Economic Trends 2024. 4 April 08, 2024

Monthly Economic Trends

Monthly published report on the analysis and forecast of the Korean economy based on domestic and foreign macroeconomic statistics.

KDI Monthly Economic Trends 2024. 4
April. 08. 2024
The Korean economy is experiencing a moderate downturn, buoyed by rapid growth in exports, particularly from the IT sector, even as domestic demand recovery lags.
  The strong rebound in global semiconductor activities has led to a significant increase in exports, which in turn is helping to mitigate the contraction in economic activity.
  - As the slowdown in global trade gradually dissipates, export conditions are demonstrating overall improvement.
  - The continued recovery in semiconductor activity has resulted in a substantial increase in related exports and production, positively influencing some financial indicators, including stock prices.
  However, consumption remains weak, particularly in goods consumption, as financing conditions are not improving due to persistent high interest rates.
  - Consequently, employment conditions are undergoing partial adjustments, and the underlying trend of price increases is gradually slowing.
  - Although equipment investment exhibited some positive signs, particularly in the semiconductor industry, construction investment, which had previously surged due to a rise in projects nearing completion, is now experiencing a slight moderation.
  Meanwhile, external risk factors persist, such as the escalating international oil prices and transportation disruptions precipitated by geopolitical tensions.
Major Economic Indicators

Summary and Assessment

Major Indicators of the Korean Economy

1. Gross Domestic Product
  (at 2015 Constant Prices)

2. Economic Activity

3. Consumption

4. Equipment Investment

5. Construction Investment

6-1. Exports, Imports and Terms of Trade

6-2. Current Account and Financial Account

7. Employment and Wage

8. Price Indices

9-1. Financial Market (I)

9-2. Financial Market (II)

10. Housing Market

11-1. Major Indicators of the World Economy (I)

11-2. Major Indicators of the World Economy (II)
국내총생산 및 국내총소득의 성장률(2015년 불변가격) Growth Rates of GDP and GDI (at 2015 Constant Prices)
그래프 영역입니다. 그래프
민간소비 및 고정투자(2015년 불변가격) Growth Rate of Private Consumption and Fixed Investment(at 2015 Constant Prices)
그래프 영역입니다. 그래프
총수출 및 총수입 Total Imports and Exports
그래프 영역입니다. 그래프
외국인 순매수 Foreign Investors’ Net Purchase of Stocks
그래프 영역입니다. 그래프
기업대출 Bank Loans to Corporations
그래프 영역입니다. 그래프
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