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Conference 2023 G20 Global Financial Stability Conference
  • DATE September20, 2023(WED)
  • TIME 14:00-18:45
  • Venue Seoul, Republic of Korea Lotte Hotel Seoul(In-Person Format)
  • Hosted Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Korea (MOEF), Korea Development Institute (KDI)
The “2023 G20 Global Financial Stability Conference”, co-hosted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MOEF) and the Korea Development Institute, will be held on September 20 (Wed), 2023 at Lotte Hotel Seoul.
This conference will address the two themes of Challenges of the Global Economy and the International Financial Market in Turbulence, and ②International Financial Diversification and Financial Stability in the Post-Pandemic. In particular, we will delve into the impact of prolonged monetary tightening in major countries on the international financial market, and discuss the reorganization of industrial structure caused by rapid climate change in recent times and its ripple effects. Furthermore, we will explore means to strengthen the global financial safety net amidst the de-globalization trend triggered by the Russia-Ukraine War and worsening Sino-US relations.
This conference is being held in connection with the G20 International Financial Architecture Working Group Meeting, co-chaired by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Korea and the Ministry for the Economy and Finance of France. Accordingly, we expect this conference will serve as a meaningful forum for prominent scholars from home and abroad, and G20 member countries’ policy officials, to come together and make a preemptive diagnosis of major challenges in the recent international financial market while discussing response measures.
We ask for your interest and attendance.
September 2023
Kim, Byeong-Hwan
1st Vice Minister, Ministry of Economy and Finance
Cho, Dong-Chul
President, l Korea Development Institute
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