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2023 G20 Global Financial Stability Conference
September 20 (Wed), 2023
Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speech
  • Opening Addresses Kim, Byeong-Hwan  1st Vice Minister, Ministry of Economy and Finance
    Cho, Dong-Chul  President, Korea Development Institute
  • Keynote Jean-Claude Trichet  Honorary Governor, Bank of France, Former President of ECB
Coffee Break
Session 1. Challenges of the Global Economy and the International Financial Market in Turbulence
  • Chair Marc Uzan  Founder and Director, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Speaker 1 Post-pandemic transition (monetary policy and debt issues)Jason Furman Aetna Professor, Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), Harvard University (VIDEO)
  • Speaker 2 Climate Policies for a Global TransitionCarolyn Fischer Lead Economist and Research Manager for Sustainability and Infrastructure, The World Bank
  • Speaker 3 International FragmentationGian Maria Milesi-Ferretti Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution
  • Panelist Mohua Roy  Director, Reserve Bank of India
    Lee, Seung-Hyup  Associate Fellow, Korea Development Institute
    Lee, Wang-Hwi  Professor, Ajou University
Coffee Break
Session 2. International Financial Diversification and Financial Stability in the Post-Pandemic
  • Chair Kim, Jun-Il  Professor, Yonsei University
  • Speaker 1 Trends in the Global Use of Major CurrenciesAndreas Schrimpf Head of Financial Markets, Bank for International Settlements
  • Speaker 2 Assessing the Geopolitical Threat to Global Financial InfrastructureNicolas Véron Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics/Cofounder, Bruegel
  • Speaker 3 Current Status and Risk Factors of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs)Park, Sun-Young Professor, Dongguk University
  • PanelistJeong, Dae-Hee  Senior Director, Korea Development Institute
    Lee, Jong-Wha  Professor, Korea University
    Hahm, Joon-Ho  Professor, Yonsei University
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