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Economic Bulletin

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Economic Bulletin, January 2022
『Republic of Korea Economic Bulletin』은 한국경제에 대한 대외신뢰 제고 및 이해 증진을 위해 1992년 6월 창간되어 매월 한국경제의 동향, 주요 정부 정책, 경제지표 등을 제공하는 영문 경제정책정보지입니다. 한국 경제 관련 어떠한 이슈들이 전 세계에 전해지고 있을까요? 한국의 최근 경제동향과 다양한 정책뉴스들을 지금 영문으로 만나보세요!

[2022년 1월호 요약]
■ Current Economic Trends
- Industrial output fell 1.9 percent in October from a month earlier. Mining & manufacturing (down 3.0%) went down as both mining and manufacturing fell, as well as electricity & gas. Services output (down 0.3%) decreased as wholesale & retail fell. Construction works (down 1.3%) declined due to weak building construction. Public sector spending (down 8.9%) decreased. Compared to a year ago, the index of all industry production rose 4.8 percent.
- The number of employed persons in November increased 553,000 from a year ago to 27,795,000, and the employment rate (aged 15-64) edged up 1.2 percentage points to 67.5 percent.

■ Policy Issue: 2022 economic policies
- Growth: Annual growth of 3.1 percent is expected. Consumption is expected to increase amid the reopening of close-contact services, uncertainties hanging over new infections. Brisk exports will likely continue.
- Employment: A total of 280,000 jobs are expected to be added, service jobs continuing to grow and policies being adopted to boost consumption and employment.
- The 2022 policies were drawn up with two focuses: Help with full-fledged recovery, and promote future growth engines and work on a better future.

■ Economic News Briefing
- Korea’s National Assembly passed the 2022 budget of 607.7 trillion won at its plenary session on December 3, which includes a 3.3 trillion won increase from the government proposal of 604.4 trillion won.
- Korean FDI amounted to US $17.01 billion in the third quarter of 2021, rising 58.2 percent compared with a year ago.

[2022년 1월호 목차]
■ Current Economic Trends
 Economic Activity
 1. Gross domestic product
 2. Industrial output and composite indexes of business cycle indicators
 3. Private consumption
 4. Facility investment
 5. Construction investment
 6. Exports and imports
 7. Employment
 8. Prices
  8.1 Consumer prices
  8.2 International oil and commodity prices
 9. Real estate market
  9.1 Housing market
  9.2 Land market
 Financial Markets
 1. Stock market
 2. Foreign exchange market
  2.1 Foreign exchange rates
  2.2 Foreign exchange reserves
 3. Bond market
 4. Money market
 Public Finance
 1. Fiscal balance
 2. National debt
 3. External debt

■ Policy Issue
 2022 economic policies

■ Economic News Briefing
 1. GDP rose 4.0% in Q3 2021
 2. 2022 budget of 607.7 trillion won passed
 3. Korean FDI posts US $17.01 billion in Q3 2021
 4. Korea and Singapore conclude negotiations on bilateral digital trade

■ Statistical Appendices

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