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From Despair to Hope : Economic Policymaking in Korea, 1945-1979

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  • Author Kim Chung-yum
  • Date 2011/04/18
  • Language English
SUMMARY Korea Developmnet Institute (KDI) has conducted research on Korea's development experience and sought to contribute to the socio-economic advancement of developing countries. In conjunction with these efforts, and on the occasion of KDI's 40th year since its founding, it is a great honor to publish Mr. Kim Chung-yum's memoir. Starting his career as a central banker in the 1940s, Mr. Kim was a leading figure in economic policymaking in Korea for more than 30 years. Although the usual caveats apply to a personal memoir like this, Mr. Kim's memoir is a true asset not only to KDI's publications but also to the literature of development.
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