Release of medium-to-long term outlook on respective agenda based
on the analysis of pending macroeconomic issues

Financial Economics

Working Paper

Regulatory Reforms in the Age of Financial Consolidation: The Emerging Market Economy and Advanced Countries

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  • Author Lee-Jay Cho. ed., Joonkyung Kim. ed., Michael Foot, Howell E. Jackson, Berna Collier, Hideki Kanda, Kon Sik Kim, Sunseop Jung, Inseok Shin. editor, Joonho Hahm, Joonkyung Kim. ed., yeonwook Kim. ed., Chang Park. ed., Hyun Song Shin, Dongsoo Kang. ed., James R. Barth, Lawrence Goldberg, Daniel E. Nolle, Glenn Yago
  • Date 2006/12/31
  • Language Korean
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