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Global liquidity indicators(Feb 2015)

BIS 2015.02.09
According to the latest BIS statistics, as banking systems recover, and with risk appetites remaining strong, bank lending has strengthened as a channel for global liquidity, alongside persistently high volumes of global bond market issuance. The historical pattern where low levels of volatility coincide with a rapid growth of crossborder banking flows may be starting to reassert itself. At end-September 2014, credit in US dollars to non-bank borrowers outside the United States totalled $9.2 trillion, an increase of 9.2% over a year earlier. This represents an increase of over 50% since end-2009. The total comprised $4.2 trillion of debt securities and $4.9 trillion of bank loans. Long-term debt issuance continues to be supported by extraordinarily low long-term yields, which for some sovereigns are now negative for a significant portion of the yield curve.

Cross-border bank credit continues to grow especially rapidly in Asia, although claims on Chinese banks fell slightly in the third quarter of 2014 relative to the second.

Within the euro area, a small increase in cross-border bank credit signals the progressive reintegration of the European banking system in the wake of the 2011-12 sovereign debt crisis.

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