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Alternative imaginaries

EUROPA 2021.08.26
This report summarises key findings and recommendations arising from a number of citizen engagement activities conducted by the JRC from May ? October 2019 concerning the future of mobility and in particular the issue of connected and self-driving vehicles, as a step towards critically reviewing their underpinning political and social narratives. This work was carried out under the framing of the NewHorrizon project (newhorrizon.eu), funded by the Horizon 2020, which explores Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) inspired governance modalities through a number of Social Lab experiments. The project is coordinated by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna (IHS). In September 2018, the JRC became part of the Social Lab experiments as a follow-up of a RRI Social Lab co-organised with IHS. As a concrete outcome of this partnership, the JRC conducted a pilot project on the topic of the future of mobility and the place of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) in those visions. The pilot on ‘CAVs and the Future of Mobility’ assesses the potential implications and societal expectations of CAVs and explores various mobility narratives, ethical considerations, expectations and matters of concern toward this new type of mobility. The pilot has been providing the JRC with the opportunity to investigate whether a more persistent and broader RRI approach (Engagement, Ethics and Governance) could deliver more comprehensive knowledge to sustain policy design. This report illustrates the process and some of the outcomes of seven focus groups and one world caf? held in 3 European Union (EU) countries which sought to engage citizens in the social and ethical issues of CAVs.

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